Established companies
Established companies on the market from the city of Plovdiv – clients of Garant

Companies established on the market

These are companies with a history, which have decided to entrust us with their accounting. Frequently, these companies have weaknesses in the organisation of their accounting, made possible by their former accountants.

At the same time, these are companies with exceptionally strict requirements to our services. Oftentimes, they have had more than one audit and have become personally convinced of the importance of the quality of the accounting

We are happy to work with such clients because modern technologies that we use in our work always make a good impression. Highly appreciated is the fact that submit all required statements and reports electronically and do not charge individually for each visit to NRA.

It is a particular pleasure for us to see the good impression on their faces when we provide any requested information almost immediately, and not after weeks. Or when they find out that there is no extra charge for the year-end closing of accounts.

Most frequently, we assist this type of clients with the following:

  • Modern approach introduction in the organisation of their accounting
  • Importation of the accounting data of the company, generated in preceding years
  • Auditing of their accounting created by their former accountant, in order to be sure that it complies with modern legal requirements
  • Organising their overall accounting in compliance with the requirements of the law