Garant was established in 2015 and provides services to over 150 companies in Plovdiv

Our clients are various-sized companies – from small family companies to Bulgarian representatives of a number of foreign companies.

Our clients are:

starting a business

Entrepreneurs starting a business

We like working with people who start successful new businesses.
We assist them in the initial registration of the company and in their first business steps.

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Successful professionals

Successful professionals

We take care of the accounting of a number of self-insured professionals – doctors, lawyers and other freelance jobs.

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foreign investors

Foreign investors

Many of our clients are foreign companies availing themselves of the advantages of the city of Plovdiv as an outsourcing destination.

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Established companies

Established companies from Plovdiv

We also work with companies which have already developed their business and have decided to take advantage of the conveniences offered by Garant.

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You seek personal attitude?

We are aware of the price of success and how difficult to achieve it is sometimes – especially when starting from scratch. Therefore, we always place clients in the first place.

We have a young and highly motivated team because our objective has always been to make Garant a great place to work at. We attract highly talented people to provide our clients with servicing and professional competence from the highest standard.

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