Foreign investors
Provision of accounting services to foreign companies

Foreign investors – clients of Garant​

Garant is one of the few accounting firms offering complete accounting servicing in English for foreign investors who have decided to start a business in Plovdiv.

Our foreign clients usually invest in Plovdiv because they are attracted by the favourable business climate, low taxes and the appeal of the city as an outsourcing destination.

To help them organise their business properly, we frequently work in collaboration with lawyers, specialists in immovable property and licensed translators.

We usually provide the following services to our foreign clients:

  • Referral to trusted external specialists – for example immovable property brokers, English speaking lawyers, specialists in occupational medicine, recruitment agencies, etc.
  • Consultations relating to specific Bulgarian conditions for doing business
  • Overall organisation and keeping of their accounting records


The provision of quality accounting services by Garant assists foreign investors in their easy and trouble-free interaction with the state for their initial investments in the economy of the city of Plovdiv – such as acquisition of machines or immovable property for business purposes, etc.