Accounting services - Questions and answers

We have summarized some of the questions that you would probably ask yourself in connection with out accounting services. Should we have omitted your question, you can address it to us by getting in touch with us.

How much will that cost me?

How do we start?

  • First of all, call us on 0889 167 773, so that we could arrange a meeting at a time which is convenient for you for discussing your individual demands. During the meeting:
  • We will ask you several questions about your business and the accounting issues that you have had until this moment, so that we could create the most appropriate accounting service package for you.
  • We will present to you an accounting service contract, in which we will describe in details what we will do for your accounting.
  • You can send us your accounting documents and files (if any).
  • That is all! The official assigned with your accounting will start work.

What accounting software do you use?

accounting software
  • The software we use mostly is WorkFlow by BusinesSoft, and Aladin by Microcomplex. These are two of the best software products in the accounting industry.
  • We have a license for a number of other Bulgarian accounting programmes. If your accounting has been done by using a specific accounting product, we could use the files to transfer data onto the same software you have been using until now.
  • This will enable us to make full use of the accounting data created until this moment.

How will we proceed if I need "catch-up" accounting?

  • A lot of companies have fallen behind in their current accounting activities by several months when they turn to Garant Accounting Firm for the first time. This is exactly why they need us – because it is very difficult to maintain current accounting records and do business at the same time in a situation that is as difficult as the present one.
  • In this case you need to present to us the primary accounting documents (bank statements, invoices, etc.) of the missing months, and the official in charge of your accounting will make sure that you receive an updated and accurate picture of your finances in the shortest possible term.

How do you guarantee the quality of accounting services?

quality of accounting services
  • First of all, during the process of selection of our employees, we look for professionals who have gained their experience in the basic economic areas – commerce, import of goods, construction, industrial and agricultural production.
  • This enables us to assign the accounting servicing of your company to an official who has specialized in the legislative aspects concerning businesses like yours.
  • Another employee of Garant accounting firm is responsible for matters relating to personnel – social insurance, employment contracts, etc.