package services

Accounting is only part of what your company needs.

Here we publish the additional services which are offered by Garant accounting firm to its clients.

Accounting + website creation

If you need a new website, our colleagues from Pixel Dream EOOD will create it for you and will give you a discount of 150 euro.

Pixel Dream

Accounting + professional company formation

If you are starting a business, our legal advisors will register your company, and we will make you one time discount of 20 euro from the accounting fee for the first month.

company formation

Accounting + online access to accounting data

Online accounting is a way to have 24-hour access to you accounting information through the Internet by using free flash memory.

You can also use this system for sending and receiving documents in an exceptionally easy and fast way.

online accounting

Accounting + Help Desk support system

The Help Desk system of Garant accounting firm is another way for us to be of use to your company.

You can use the system to make inquiries, send us files and receive the requested accounting statements and reference documents. All in one place, ordered by date.

help desk