Online accounting system
Remote access to your accounting data and real time exchange of documents.

The entire accounting is on your computer

Our Online accounting system provides a fast and efficient way to access your accounting information – from any computer, any time, from any place in the world. This service is completely free of charge for each client.

What opportunities are there:

You can make on your own the most important inquiries at any time through the Internet – for example, VAT due by that moment, or your customers’ liabilities to the company.

In case that you request a particular document from your accountant (for example, a certificate of the income of an employee, invoice, information about any leave of absence not used, etc.), you can have it created in a folder on your computer up to 30 seconds later.

The system enables you to send us and receive documents in an exceptionally fast and efficient manner.

online accounting

The meaning of this system is for you to receive a product which combines the advantages of professional accounting services with the comfort of your own accounting department.

How does the Online accounting system work:

Each client receives a flash memory device free of charge, which is necessary for establishing connection with our server.

After you have installed the device in the USB post of your computer, it connects automatically to our server through 256 bit encrypted connection.

The flash memory includes a folder named “Garant accounting firm” through which you always have access to updated accounting data. You can also use this folder for receiving or sending documents.

online accounting process

What makes the Online accounting system useful:

You are independent from our working hours. You have access to updated accounting information 24 hours a day.

You can have access to your accounting from any computer all over the world. Just place the flash memory stick in the USB port of the computer.

You can send us invoices and other documents at the end of the work day – by scanning them and placing them in the folder. On the following day, they have been processed already.

You can receive any statements and reference documents within 30 seconds of requesting them – they appear in a folder on your computer, in a format which is convenient for you.