accounting services
Complete package of accounting services for small and medium-sized companies.

Accounting services at affordable prices in the city of Plovdiv

Our accounting services include all that your company needs in order to operate in compliance with the requirements of the tax and social insurance legislation. Upon conclusion of an accounting service contract, we will take into consideration the specific needs of your company – such as document turnover size, particular features of your business, etc.

You can use individually any of the services offered as well – for example, you can assign to us the annual balancing of the accounts only, or the care for the employment contracts and social security contributions.

Our accounting service prices start at € 40 a month and are defined individually according to the document turnover of your company. In the price page you can find information about approximate charges that our clients pay on a monthly basis, subject to whether they have registration under the VAT Act and the number of documents processed per month.


Subscription accounting services

Subscription accounting services include:

  • Developing the accounting policy of the company according to its specific operation
  • Developing an individual chart of accounts
  • Business operation accounting in compliance with the provisions of Bulgarian legislation and its specific needs
  • Drawing up monthly declarations under the VAT Act and their submission to the National Revenue Agency (NRA)
  • Daily monitoring of the financial result for the relevant tax period (VAT due / VAT refund)
  • Drawing up INTRASTAT and VIES declarations and their filing with the relevant institutions
  • Drawing up statements for the needs of NRA, the National Social Insurance Institute (NSII), the National Statistical Institute (NSI) and banks
  • Drawing up statements for receivables and liabilities of the company
  • Calculation of depreciation charges
  • Calculation of current financial results
  • Monitoring proceeds under invoices, informing the client of delayed payments from contractors

Personnel and wages related services include:

Personnel Personnel and wages related services include:
  • Preparing complete files of employees – fulltime or part-time contracts, additional agreements, job descriptions, orders, etc.
  • Drawing up monthly payrolls and submission of declarations related thereto to NRA
  • Drawing up payment orders for personnel social insurance contributions and taxes
  • Drawing up estimates of the monthly social insurance contribution amounts
  • Filing fit notes with NSII
  • Preparing all necessary declarations, certificates and references in relation to NRA, NSII, Labour Inspection and other state institutions
  • Consultations and couselling regarding changes in the social, healthcare, retirement and employment legislation
  • Preparing estimates of the funds necessary for payment of wages and their adjustment in the event of change in the social insurance contribution rates

Single accounting services

Single accounting servicesSingle accounting services are intended for clients who have not concluded an accounting service contracts:
  • Drawing up an annual financial statement – Balance sheet, Income and expenditure report, Cash flow report, Long-term asset report, Equity report
  • Drawing up statistics reports and their submission to NSII
  • Drawing up an Annual tax return
  • Filling in UP-2 and UP-3 forms after submission of the required documents

Accounting consultations

Accounting consultationsProvision of consultation on tax, employment and social insurance legislation:

  • Problems related to starting a new business
  • Optimizing the costs of social insurance contributions and taxes and legal methods of their reduction
  • Consultations related to the Local taxes and charges act
  • Consultations related to the Conventions for the avoidance of double taxation
  • Consultations on the tax effects of one managerial decision or another

Administrative services:

Administrative services Administrative services include:

  • Collection of documents from the office of the client
  • Taking out certificates of good standing
  • Representation before state institutions
  • Assistance with the licensing and registration of your business in state institutions

Consultation services

Consultation servicesServices in case of starting a new business:

  • Assistance in the elaboration of a business plan
  • Consultations on business development
  • Assistance in case of problems with state institutions
  • Assistance with the registration of your business