Company Formation in Bulgaria
Bulgarian company registration. Price 980 €

Registration of Bulgarian companies by Garant Accounting Firm.

The registration of a Bulgarian company with our assistance will save you time and extra costs.

It will be done quickly. It is necessary for you to stay in Bulgaria for one day only to register your new Bulgarian company. We will meet you at the airport, we will visit a Notary Public together to certify your signature, and a bank where we will open a fund-raising account of the company together.


Here is what the incorporation of a Bulgarian company service includes:

You will receive a personal consultation by a lawyer and an accountant regarding Bulgarian companies and the methods to reduce your tax burden legally.

We will prepare all necessary documents for the formation of your new Bulgarian company.

We will accompany you to a Bulgarian Notary Public to certify your signature, and to a bank where we will open a fund-raising account of your new Bulgarian company.

We will submit the documents signed by you to the Commercial Register. As early as the same day, officially you will be the owner of a Bulgarian company and you will be able to perform operations through it, paying only 10% corporate tax.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the seat and registered office of your company – we will provide one for you on the territory of Bulgaria and there will always be someone there, authorised by you to receive your correspondence and act as your representative before state institutions.


Registration of LTD. Company 980 €
VAT Registration 199 €
Business address 600 € / year
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More info about Limited liability company in Bulgaria


A convenient and efficient way to benefit from Bulgaria’s favorable tax regulations – the lowest in Europe and amongst the most generous across the world – is to incorporate a Bulgaria limited liability company. Garant Accounting Firm has streamlined the process of incorporating a company and minimized the waiting period. You only wait for 2 – 3 days from the day we submit all necessary documents and forms to gain control over your company.

Having a limited liability company is a sound investment as it’s not only a subject of Bulgarian tax legislation but also a subject of the European Union’s business and tax regulations in regards to operating within its single market.

Before the incorporation of your limited liability company, you have a choice between the two types of companies available – ЕООD and ООD. The difference between the two lies in how many shareholders have incorporated the company and own it, where ЕООD is a single-member company, incorporated and owned by a single shareholder, and ООD is incorporated and owned by two or more shareholders. In both cases, each shareholder is entitled to a share the profit, equal to their share in the capital.

Bulgarian legislation states that the minimum share capital for limited liability companies is 2 BGN, which makes these companies a low-cost investment. Perhaps, the greatest advantage you gain from owning a limited liability company is that it’s risk-free as your company is an individual legal entity fully separate from its shareholder/s and liable to its creditors with all its own assets. You as the shareholder are only liable with your property to the extent of your share in the share capital.

Company structure and functions of management

The managing bodies of the limited liability companies are:

  • The single-member for ЕООD and the shareholders for the OOD;
  • Director/s;

Powers of the single-member in the EOOD (the shareholders in the OOD):

Amend and supplement the company’s articles of association, take resolution for opening and closing branches; appoint and dismiss shareholders; give consent for transfer of shares; approve the annual financial statements; distribute the profit; take resolution to increase or decrease of the capital; sell and purchase of real estates; appoint and dismiss director/s. For OOD shareholders take resolutions by voting and each shareholder has votes equal to they share in the capital.

Powers of the director:
The director is a representative body empowered to represent the company before third parties. They organize the business, acting for and on behalf of the company and have representative powers for authorising any kind of transactions. If a company has more than one directors they represent the company jointly or severally, whereas the representative powers are determined by the single-member (for EOOD) or by the shareholders (for OOD) and listed in the Commercial register.

Contents of the Memorandum and Articles of Association

The memorandum and articles of association specify:
  • Company name;
  • Registered office;
  • Scope of business activity;
  • Appointed director/s;
  • Duration of the company (if applicable);
  • Name of the single shareholder or names of the shareholders;
  • Amount of the share capital;
  • Allocation of the shares among the shareholders (when the shareholders are more than one);
  • Way of representation – jointly or severally (when the directors are more than one);
  • Rights and obligations of the shareholders.