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A few years ago, only large companies could afford quality accounting services. Small-sized companies had to keep their own accounts or to leave it to someone you know, a neighbour or a friend.

This has inspired us to create a completely new type of servicing – an accounting service of unsurpassed quality, reliability and efficiency. We followed the lead of the best foreign accounting firms, operating in countries like Switzerland, Norway, Germany and the USA, and we applied it in Bulgaria.

Percenta LTD

Our company deals with import and trade in nanoproducts and detergents. We have customers from all over the world and it is important for us that our accounting is perfect.

Kiril has been in charge of our accounting since 2017. His standards of work are exceptionally high – he is always accurate with time terms and precise in each detail. Most importantly, though, the consulting we receive from him is invaluable and has made a real change in the organisation of our business.

Boyan Bochev
Manager – Percenta LTD – city of Plovdiv

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Fast facts

Year of establishment: 2008г.

Business description: Percenta is a manufacturer of a wide range of nanotechnology cleaning and surface protection products.


Outdooraholics Bulgaria LTD

Just a brief note of recommendation. I came to Plovdiv September 2015 to set up a small offshoring centre and also for property investment in Bulgaria, having visited 4 different ENglish speaking accountants, I chose Kiril.

I had fears coming to Bulgaria – bureaucracy is a big problem, corruption, theft, it’s a country not without some issues that as a foreign investor you must be very careful of. Kiril has been fantastic – he has been so much more than just an accountant – he’s provided valuable advice on structuring companies, complying with bureaucracy, dealing with labour laws and does all our employment contracts and he’s also helped us buy 3 properties and counting in Bulgaria.

It is not an exaggeration to say we would not be where we are today without him. In Kiril we have found more than an accountant – he has proven a trusted partner for us. If you search Facebook for the group expats in Plovdiv he now does accounting for a lot of the group and I’ve yet to hear a bad word about him from anyone.

I would personally highly recommend him. Thank you Kiril and keep up the great work!


Graham Turnbull

Manager – Outdooraholics Bulgaria LTD

Learn more about Graham HERE

Препоръка от Греъм Търнбул
logo Outdooraholics Bulgaria LTD
Fast facts

Year of establishment: 2015

Business description: Outdooraholics is a tourist company, organising more than 350 trips a year all over the world.



1-STOP BULGARIA EOOD is the Bulgarian agency of the global translation agency 1-StopAsia. Our company has 6 agencies all over the world – in USA, China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Bulgaria, and has a history of 23 years.

As a leading global translation company we have exceptionally high demands on each aspect of our accounting servicing. We chose Garant for the professionalism and responsiveness of their team, and because of their expertise with other multinational companies like ours.

This is the second year of provision of services by Garant to our Bulgarian agency – the quality of accounting services is world class and meets our requirements fully.

Yana Dinchiyska

General Manager of 1-StopAsia for Bulgaria

Logo 1-stop bulgaria
Fast facts

Year of establishment: 2016

Business description: The company has more than 230 employees all over the world and is one of the global translation agencies.

Most of the companies of Fortune 500 are customers of 1-StopAsia. The company is included in the prestigious list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in USA.


Avenzzi LTD

Our services are setting the quality standard in professional cleaning. We take care of the cleaning of the offices of a number of well-known companies in Plovdiv and across the country and provide them with perfect quality.

The team of Garant Accounting Firm has been an integral part of our business since its very start. They provide us with valuable advice and anything we need regarding payroll, staff, taxes and statements to NRA and NSSI.

Galya Petrova

Manager – Avenzzi LTD – city of Plovdiv

avenzzi logo
Fast facts

Year of establishment: 2015

Business description: Avenzzi is one of the leaders in the field of professional cleaning in Bulgaria.


Renova Grain LTD

I am the owner of a company trading in grain and my activity is subject to strict control by all customs and state offices in Bulgaria. Even the smallest error in my accounting could cause delay of agreed deliveries and lead to major financial loss. Therefore, I am very demanding towards my partners from Garant Accounting Firm.

I am satisfied with the specialists at Garant – they are always perfect regarding payroll, social insurance and VAT declarations. They help me with valuable advice on tax legislation – due to them I am at ease that everything is going to be okay with my company.

Mehmed Gyunerler

Manager – Renova Grain LTD – city of Plovdiv

logo - renova grain
Fast facts

Year of establishment: 2015

Business description: Renova Grain EOOD exports grain from Bulgaria to EU countries


Noris M LTD

Our company is a representative of the largest factory for manufacture of blinds – Kamax. We provide comprehensive services to both private and business customers – from the right choice of blinds, through installation and the post-sale maintenance.

We have been working with Garant Accounting Firm since the very start of our business in 2017. We are very pleased by the fast and adequate service and the good team of the firm.

Anastas Balabanov

Manager – Noris M EOOD – city of Plovdiv

logo - noris em
Fast facts

Year of establishment: 2017

Business description: Sale and installation of various types of blinds, sun shades and pergolas for customers from all over the country.

Zlaten kluch – real estate LTD

Our company offers professional mediation in the field of transactions with real estate. We think exceptionally highly of ethical values and individual approach to each customer and this is one of the reasons why we are among the best real estate agencies in Plovdiv.

The team of Garant Accounting Firm earned our trust from the very start. High level of professionalism and responsiveness. I feel easy that the accounting part of my business is in the hands of Kiril Tuparov and his team!

Stefana Markova

Manager – Zlaten kluch – real estate – city of Plovdiv

logo - Zlaten kluch
Fast facts

Year of establishment: 2017

Business description: We render quality services to our customers when they buy or sell property. We assist them from the start to the end of the transaction.


Jasmina 89 LTD

My company deals with the organisation of events and other PR campaigns. We are also well-known for the organisation of the annual in Folk Festival in the Lauta Park – an event which brings together tens of thousands of people each year.

Garant Accounting Firm has been responsible for the accounting of the company since it was set up – I am very pleased with the competence of Kiril, Dimitar and the entire team of the firm. I receive valuable advice and assistance in the course of my work with them – thank you!

Dimitar Mihov
Manager – Jasmina 89 EOOD – city of Plovdiv

logo - Jasmina 89 LTD
Fast facts

Year of establishment: 2016

Business description: We organize the annual Folk Festival Plovdiv event, as well as many other events.


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