Successful professionals

You can address us even if you are performing your operations as a natural person. We provide assistance to a lot of freelancers and persons practicing free jobs to organise their accounting properly.

We know that this type of professionals are far too busy to deal with the inevitable contact with state institutions, Therefore, we keep track of and inform them of the deadlines for making payment of liabilities to the budget and submission of all necessary declarations for them.

The most common services used by this type of clients are:

Calculation of social insurance contributions and their payment via bank transfer

Processing of certificates of incapacity for work (when the client is entitled to sick leave) and their submission to the National Social Insurance Institute

Consultations relating to current legislation changes

Consultations relating to business decision selection

Annual tax return preparation

Our clients who are natural persons are employed in various business sectors. Many of them are engaged in the field of IT services, agriculture, souvenir manufacture, art and photography.